What We Do?

We develop devices for the detection of chemical and biological contaminants in water sources such as ocean, sea, lake, river and groundwater .
In order to monitor these impurities, we develop eco-friendly analytical instruments that can perform on-site and continuous analysis without sampling.

Why We Do?

Keeping water resources clean as well as efficient use is important for the future of humanity. Technologies need to be implemented in order to protect a vital resource such as water on behalf of future generations and to increase the capacity of these resources to renew themselves
. In addition to the sustainable conservation of potable fresh water resources, it is the responsibility of all humanity to keep the wetlands clean.
It is aimed to design new generation analytical devices in order to take necessary measures against pollution of ocean, sea, lake, river and groundwater.

How We Do?
Microfluidic systems have been studied extensively in recent years and are able to find applications in many fields such as chemistry, biology, genetics, bioengineering and pharmacy. With the integration of microfluidic systems with other electronic and mechanical systems, intended analyzes can be carried out in microchannels. Microfluidic channels, which can be made from different polymeric materials, can be prepared specific to the application and combined with analytical measurement techniques to give rapid results. The developed systems can be miniaturized and can be brought into a portable device with the ability to perform on-site and continuous analysis.

Triton Inovative Technologies llc. is a company that aims to obtain domestic and national products by presenting innovative ideas in chemistry, biotechnology and environment with its scientific and technological knowledge.

TTriton Inovative Technologies llc.

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